How about some before and after?

Isn’t it great to see guys grow, getting bigger and more muscular, going from twink to hunk, and hunk to worshipworthy? Oh, yeah. Here is the perfect example: twink to the left, hunk in the middle, worshipworthy stud to the right. What a transformation! Here’s a transformation where the starting […]



Muscle Comparisons Still Hot

I saw these two pictures recently of a couple of muscle guys showing off and they got my mind racing. In this picture, I think the little guy is cute and he’s got a pretty nice arm. But his taller friend looks beefier. I’m not sure which one has the […]

More Muscles In Motion

It took me a while to get use to videos on the internet – get over it, I’m old. And Gifs seemed to come and go and then come back. But there is nothing quite like seeing some muscle in motion. Here are a few fun gifs. Oh, yeah. He’s […]