Getting Big – 4

This is a new installment in my occassional series of posts about guys who have gotten bigger. Muscle growth is damn sexy. I think this young grower is called Zane. Even if he isn’t, we’ll call him that. He started out as a bit of an exhibitionist. A lean man […]

bow tie

He's got legs

He’s Got Legs

I saw this photo a while back on a Tumblr and about fell out of my chair. Holy tree trunks, Bat Man! I can hardly believe that the fabric could stretch around those thundering thighs! When you can see the definition in the thighs THROUGH the DENIM, damnation, that’s hot. […]

Skinny Guys Get Big

As a fan of muscle growth, in myself or others, I love to see before and after pictures of guys who have gotten muscular. I especially like to see pictures of skinny guys who have buffed up. There’s just something that messes with your brain when you see a skinny […]

Skinny gets big - 2

Daniel Roman is one of the big bodybuilders who has maintained his aesthetics.

Muscle Body Types

In my many years of muscle obsession, I’ve noted that there are several different muscle body types. I have my preferences, but have to say that I like them all. Skinny Muscle These are the guys that have great definition, but not huge size. They tend to look like Anime […]

A Muscle Memoir Fragment

I am almost always writing some kind of muscle fiction. But my current work in progress is a memoir of my life in muscle. It will tell the tale, in a series of episodes, of my 50+ years and my obsession with muscle. Here’s a fragment to “whet your whistle”. […]

Friends with big biceps are the best!