A Fragment of A Work In Progress: Carl Got Big

“David! Hey. David!”

I turned to see who was calling my name. The voice sounded familiar.

“Carl? Is that you? Holy, shit, man. You’re huge!”

Carl had been a coworker about a year or so ago. I hadn’t seen him since he had quit. Back then he’d been a skinny guy. He’d started working out a couple of months before he’d quit. Now he was jacked.

“Yeah, I’ve made some gains,” he replied modestly as he caught up to me. 

I held out my hand to shake hands. He gave me a look, and batted it away and gave me a big hug.

It seemed awkward at first, but feeling his hard muscles pressing against me, I responded by hugging him back.

It was the oddest sensation. His waist was so small and hard, and his chest was so thick. I could feel his big arms wrapped around my arms and torso squeezing me. I could feel his pecs tightening up as he squeezed.

I’d never been hugged by muscles before. I’d never hugged Carl before. I liked it. My cock responded to the overwhelming presence of all that muscle.

He released me but kept an arm around my waist as he joined me walking down the street.

“Carl, you’ve got to tell me…what happened? I mean, I remember that you started working out before you quit, but, shit….”

He laughed. His voice seemed deeper than I remembered. It was a sexy baritone. 

“Dave, I’ve been working out.”

Nothing like a running into buddy who’s getting big and has ended up bigger than you!

“Well, no shit, but not everybody who works out sees results like this.” I liked feeling his arm around my waist. It was like I was his property. His boyfriend. Like he was protecting me.

“I got really serious about my training. I hired a personal trainer who kicks my ass. I found a job that gives me the time to focus on my training.”

I noticed people were looking at Carl, admiring his physique. They were looking at us. I felt like I was basking in his reflected muscle glory.

“You probably get a lot of questions about your transformation, so I’m sorry if this bugs you, but, how much bigger are you?”

“You know, I do get questions, but I don’t mind at all. I love training. I love being muscular and strong. I actually like all the attention. So don’t feel sorry. You can ask all the questions you want. Let’s see, how much bigger am I? Well I weighed about 145 pounds when I started working out. I gained about 10 pounds before I quit.”

“You gained that much before you quit?”

“Yeah, but that was just the start. Hold on, I need to duck in here for a minute. Can you wait?”

I nodded and he let go of me dragging his hand across my lower back. It gave me chills. I watched his back as he went into the store. His waist was tiny, his ass was round and firm, and his shoulders were broad, his t-shirt stretched tight across his back.

Carl was a little taller than I am. I’m 5-9. He might be 5-11. I could still remember how skinny he was when he started working at the office. I guess the contrast between the Carl in my memory and the Carl here on the sidewalk was shocking.

He came out of the store. He was stuffing a paper bag into his shoulder bag. I watched the muscles of his arms and chest move, pop, and swell as he maneuvered his purchase into his bag.

“Thanks, for waiting. I’m not holding you up am I?”

“No I was just headed down to Peet’s to get a coffee and read. Do you have time to join me?”

“Yeah, I do. I was headed down there, too!”

He wrapped his arm around my waist again and started to guide me down the street.