The First Time I Was Worshipped

I was preparing for my second bodybuilding contest. I was 31, and competed that year at 178 pounds at 5′-9″ tall. It was the best contest condition I ever achieved. The day before the contest, I went to a friend’s apartment. David had volunteered to apply the fake tan. He […]

Muscle Hotness

Here’s a little image gallery of muscular hotness. This is what trips my trigger. All of these guys and situations are super hot. It’s just a smattering of the muscle hotness.

A Fragment of A Work In Progress: Carl Got Big

“David! Hey. David!” I turned to see who was calling my name. The voice sounded familiar. “Carl? Is that you? Holy, shit, man. You’re huge!” Carl had been a coworker about a year or so ago. I hadn’t seen him since he had quit. Back then he’d been a skinny […]

And we may be back for 2021

RE the featured image above: Nothing beats a double biceps! It’s been quite a while (7 years!) since I last posted. I needed the break. But I think I’ll be back to posting again. This time I will be focusing on my own writing, sharing snippets of pieces and maybe […]