Skinny Guys Get Big

As a fan of muscle growth, in myself or others, I love to see before and after pictures of guys who have gotten muscular. I especially like to see pictures of skinny guys who have buffed up. There’s just something that messes with your brain when you see a skinny guy getting big and buff. Here are a few:


skinny gets big - 1

I actually think this guy has gotten so big that his old chest measures the same as his new waist. His new wrists look to be bigger than his old biceps. It is a fantastic transformation.

Skinny gets big - 2

Here is another skinny guy who has gotten jacked. It’s hard to imagine it’s the same guy. I’m totally digging the ripped, vascular muscles on his new body. Makes his old self look pitiful.

Skinny gets big - 3

I think this dude is Eastern European. What is it they are feeding their kids over there? I just love the transformation from the skinny kid with an attitude – come on, you can tell the kid in the before picture was a cocky little twerp – to a total Alpha Male. I think in this case his muscles grew into his attitude.