Getting Big – 1

Muscle growth is a wonderful – and popular here at Before and after pictures are super popular here. You all seem to enjoy the contrast between the skinny or average start and the muscular and Alpha end. What could be better than that? Watching men go from skinny to muscular! The only shortcoming of a Before and After post is that you lose the inspiring and exciting growth process. I’ve recently collected some images of young men as they’ve built up their bodies. So I’m planning a series of posts documenting the muscle growth of these special young men.

Today’s post is about an Eastern European guy, Denis, and documents his growth over a few short years.


Here is Denis at the beginning of his journey. Not a bad looking young man. Not unhealthy looking, but, yes, he’s a skinny guy. Well, apparently, he decided to do something about it and started working out.


Denis seems to have spent some time in the gym. He’s feeling good enough about his progress to wear a tank top. His arms are decent and his chest looks nice. But it wasn’t enough. Denis wasn’t satisfied.


Our hero spends more time in the gym. And it shows! His shoulders are bigger, his arms look bigger. Denis is making serious progress. But, like most men who get bitten by the iron bug, it’s not enough. He keeps training.


Here is Denis flexing in the gym. He’s starting to get a touch of the Alpha male about him. Showing off his chest and shoulders at the gym with a self-satisfied smirk on his face.


Now with his shirt off, Denis is quite the athletic hunk. This is possibly my favorite picture in the series. He’s got the cobbled abs and his lats are impressive. His chest is beautiful and both is big biceps have that vein that drives me wild. But, you guessed it, Denis isn’t satisfied with being better than 90% of the men around him.


He keeps training and develops this seriously thick and massive physique. Oh, lordy, look at his pecs! I love how they have grown to the point that his nips are starting to point down. He is getting bigger and bigger. He likes it, but he wants more and keeps training hard.


This is the most recent picture of Denis. Can you believe it? He has transformed himself from a normal guy into a muscle stud of serious proportions. At what point did he become worshipworthy? That will depend on your tastes. For me, when he gets confident enough to show off at the gym, that’s when he goes from “oh, nice” to “oh, baby”. Regardless of when you start finding him worshipworthy, there’s now doubt about this last picture; Denis is a seriously muscular and eminently worshipworthy hunk. If I find more recent pictures of him, I’ll be sure to share.