Getting Your Hands on Some Muscle

If you read this blog on a regular basis, you are either an aspiring Alpha Male, or somebody who wants a worshipworthy Alpha Male in their life, or both. This post is for those of us who would love to get our hands on a massive muscle man.



We can tell who is in charge here. I wonder how long it will be before his uses the strength in those big biceps to control his admirers .

Can you just imagine? This worshipworth stud, flexes for not one, but two welcome worshippers. They all know who is in charge and why. That might be the fantasy.

But what about something a bit more realistic?

This early Alpha male shows it off and gets the grope that that biceps demands. Success!

This early Alpha male shows it off and gets the grope that that biceps demands. Success!

The young stud flexes to impress the girl but it’s his buddy who reaches out to feel his hard muscles. I’d reach out for those muscles, too. I like how he’s wrapped up in his own muscles as well.

But what happens when you’re surrounded by guys working out?

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The smiles on their faces tell us so much. The muscle man is proud of his gains and enjoying the admiration from his much smaller and weaker acolyte. The little guy? He can’t believe how lucky he is.

The potential for showing off and admiration of muscle at the gym is unlimited. Here’s a picture of a studly guy flexing for his scrawny friend at the gym. Both of these guys are enjoying this moment. I suspect this may be the muscle guy’s first time to be admired in public. But he deserves it! Love his guns.

Then there are the times when a little alcohol can loosen up the inhibitions.


I love the look in the cocky muscle man’s eyes. His confident smirk speaks volumes. He looks like he could turn around and crush his admirer in a bear hug.

The shorter guy here isn’t massive, or ripped, but he’s clearly the bigger and stronger of the two. A couple of those beers, and ┬áthe skinny guy gets the courage to wrap his arms around his cocky flexing friend. Even a drunken grope looks to be appreciated by the Alpha in this instance

And then there is this moment.


I so want to wrap my fingers around those biceps and feel them getting bigger and harder in my hands.

I could watch this flex for hours! Look how small the worshipper’s arm looks in comparison to the muscle master’s arms. His biceps are so big, the other guy can’t even grab all of the muscle in his hands.

But what if you go to far?


A triumphant Alpha Male celebrates is domination of the weaker would be worshipper!

If you take it too far, or attempt some worship when or where it isn’t appreciated, you might end up dominated and humiliated by the man with superior muscle. But, maybe that’s what both of you really wanted!