It’s My Birthday! Here’s A Gift.

It is my birthday! I am now Hmmphrlump years old. LOL. Since I am in a celebratory mood, I thought I’d post some pictures that I just love.


He’s not huge, nor is he ripped. But I like his physique, his goofy smile, and those ridiculous glasses. I like that he almost seems embarrassed about flexing for the camera. The combination is just adorable. He’s the kind of muscle man I could take home to my family.


Nothing hotter than a young man admiring his own beastly body. And this guy’s arm is just – oh, my. I want to feel that peak so much. He’s so cocky, flexing it right up close to the camera so we HAVE to see just how big and hard it is. And the grin on his face suggests he knows how to use the power in those muscles, too.


Oh, my goodness. Again, not huge, but big enough to make my knees weak. This guy knows how to show off for a willing worshipper. I could watch this for hours. If I were in the same room with him, he’d work up a sweat just doing this over and over.


I would like to spend some time with these guys. I like them all, from the muscle daddy in the black hat to the muscle puppy just to the right of him. The tall guy on the far left is very handsome, too. They are all worshipworthy. But, if truth be told, it’s the short guy on the far right that I want all to myself. Or rather, he could have me all to himself. Look at those arms! I really want to feel him wrap those arms around me and just squeeze until I have to beg for mercy.


I wouldn’t mind getting trapped in an elevator with these two hunks. These beefy frat boys know how to intimidate a guy and understand how to demand attention, like true Alpha males. The shorter guy may be a show off, but I suspect that the taller one would totally take command.


And finally, these two muscle men. If I had seen the guy on the left, with his muscles stretching his hoody like that, I would find a reason to follow him around. But compared to the pro bodybuilder on the left, our friend in the hoody looks small! Don’t get my wrong, tight-hoody is a hot muscle man. But the bodybuilder, whose name escapes me at the moment, is just such a worshipworthy beautiful muscle beast. Oh, to have a weekend alone with him!

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