Some Shirt Lifters

Okay, maybe it’s just me, but I enjoy it when a hot muscle man lifts up his shirt to show off his, until then, hidden cobbled abs. I like it even better if the fact that he has abs is kind of a surprise, or if the condition of his abs in insanely ripped.

This guy is one who, wearing that coat, I would not have suspected of having such incredible abs. If I were him, I’d be grinning from ear to ear.



Here is some class room Alpha behavior, the muscle man raising his shirt in the class room to show off his washboard abs.



This guy is built and ripped. There is no element of surprise. Just hawt, hawt abs.



These two men are showing off the results of their training, and comparing themselves. I know who’s the Alpha in this relationship!

66719_662822740413263_2141141986_n (1)


Another surprising set of abs. The bulky sweater hides so much, then BAM, brick wall of hard, vascular abs!



And for this final picture, not great abs, but a sexy over all appearance that makes him particularly dreamy to me.