Showing Off

Let’s face it, we like a muscle man who wants to strut his stuff. What’s the point of having muscle if you aren’t going to show it off? Here are a couple of muscle gods showing us what they’ve got.


These two are showing off for one another in the bathroom. It looks like the guy in the tank top is actually bigger than his buddy. But the little guy is trying to impress his friend. I don’t think it’s working though and the expression on the little guy’s face says he doesn’t think it’s working either. What happens next?


“Oh, my god, dude, your abs are sick! It feels like they are made out of stone. Can I count them?”


Guys like this just tormented me in high school. Muscular jocks who would sit down in the desk next to you and flex their arms knowing you’re looking at them. Then lift up their shirts to show off their tight, cobbled abs. I loved them! Torment me some more!


Here is another high school muscle boy. This image, not a morph, is of a Canadian gymnast. We get used to seeing muscle men, or gymnasts, surrounded by other muscle men or gymnasts. But when we see them with normal people, that’s when we understand their true size. Can you imagine having a guy like this as your friend in high school? Actually, the smaller guy doesn’t look too happy, does he? LOL.


This a trick. A morphed gif. But I love it! It is all bout showing off. Rip off that baggy shirt and BAM, muscle stud ready for worship.


This gif isn’t morphed. But I still like the skinny looking guy lifting up his shirt to show off is ripped and cobbled abs.


Showing off his strength, this young stud has picked up his buddy. He’s not even working hard at it. And his buddy looks really happy about his role as submissive sack of potatoes!