Here is a little collection of men admiring their own physiques. It’s really kind of hot when a muscle man get caught up in his own muscularity. Assessing their own worshipworthy qualities, a muscle man sometimes needs to pause and just admire what they have achieved


A little selfie muscle action. This guy’s a lean as can be with cobbled abs, flaring lats and striated shoulders. He sent this picture out to his friends when he was trying on tights. I don’t care about the tights when his abs are as tight as they are!


I think I’ve posted this picture before. I just love it. It combines the self admiration with showing off his muscle AND unexpected muscle. I mean, who’d have thought there was all that muscle underneath that bagging shirt? Holy muscle studs, Batman!


It looks like he’s whistling in admiration at his own flexed biceps. I’m whistling at it now; as big as a baseball, with nice definition and a formidable forearm, too.


A young Daniel Roman, admiring his own biceps as he flexes in the car at night. Crap. Look at the size of those guns! He was about 18 or 19 when this picture was taken. What a muscle god.


Muscles are serious business. You can tell from the expression on his face. This stud is studying his own magnificence in a restaurant booth – a very alpha male thing to do.


I don’t know who he is, but I want to! He’s focused on his peaked biceps and so am I. What a stunning young muscle man.


The ultimate in self admiration: kissing your own flexed biceps. Damnation, this is hot!