Getting Big – 3

Getting big and muscular isn’t an activity which is restricted to America and Europe. In today’s installment in the ongoing series of posts looking at guys transforming themselves into muscle hunks, we’ll look at Shanaz, I think he is Indian.


Here is Shanaz before he started his journey to muscular. Personally, I think he’s gorgeous. I could get lost in those eyes. His body isn’t bad either, just not muscular. But that will, as we know, change.


It sure looks like he’s been working out. Even covered up in the rugby shirt, you can tell he’s made some gains. His pecs are starting to develop, and his arms are filling out those sleeves pretty impressively. Shanaz has already got nice fore arms, too. I like beefy fore arms.


Oh, yeah! Now we can see those guns! They are developing nicely. And just look at the damage his biceps are doing to the sleeve of that T-shirt! Growing muscles and dreamy eyes. Pardon me while I swoon.


Holy, man! Now we’re talking. Only a short time later and his biceps have grown from “nice” to “yum”: clearly bigger and more well defined. That’s dedication. His torso is lagging behind his biceps, but I won’t complain. I don’t think Shanaz was 100% happy though, because he went back to the gym.


Covered up again, and clearly bulking, and now a dreamy muscle man without doubt. His biceps are even bigger, stretching those sleeves to the limit. His fore arms are even bigger than before. At this point I’m sure that his grip would be crushing.


Now it is time to compete. Shanaz looks incredible without even flexing his muscles. His muscles are big, well formed, rounded and mounding. Glorious pecs and bulging biceps. I wish he was smiling. His physique brings a smile to my face. He’s clearly not happy with his progress. He wants to be bigger!


A few more months in the gym and, POW, he’s an effing super hero! He is clearly more happy with more mass. Look at the confident smile on his face. Here, in the pose of ultimate domination, smile on his face, thick muscles bulging, Shanaz is happy. I still get lost in his eyes, but now with thoughts of his powerful arms wrapping around my chest and squeezing until I whimper. Did I say that?


Some guys aren’t comfortable or happy when they’re cut to ribbons. Shanaz is, seemingly, one of them. And I agree, some guys just look HAWT in so called “off season” condition. Shanaz is one of them. This picture sends me into a muscle revelry. Those eyes! Those muscles! Shanaz went from gorgeous to worshipworthy as soon as his biceps tore the seam on his black T-shirt. Some guys lose that romantic dreamy quality when they bulk up with muscle. Shanaz, however, just got dreamier and sexier as his muscles grew bigger and bigger. I am a fan and willing worshipper.