I just love big, bulging, biceps. The hard, vascular, well shaped muscle just screams masculinity, strength, and power. And if you’ve got ’em, show them off! Love a muscle man who will show off his guns for an admirer. Let’s look at some guys with great guns.


Not sure that this guy is living up to his T-shirt – but he’s on his way. He’s right handed ( you can tell because his right biceps are so much bigger than his left), and he’s gonna make a great Alpha male. He’s looking straight at the camera while he flexes.


Have I posted this picture before? I think I have, but he’s a step up on┬áthe Alpha male totem pole from our first flexer. I’m digging this guy’s full hard biceps. The look to be over developed compared to the rest of his torso, and I find that seriously hot. Look at the size of the biceps curled up next to his head. His arms are getting close to being as big as his head!


Here’s another hot, young Alpha male. Not as big as the last guy, but there’s something about him that just seems that much more “alpha”. I also really like this particular version of the double biceps pose.


Okay, jumping back up the Alpha totem pole, here’ a shot of an up and coming body builder doing another of my favorite biceps poses. I like how you can see the front and back of the biceps in this pose. Kind of a full disclosure situation.


Some guys don’t even have to flex to establish their muscular dominance. Just a glance at this gigantic arm is enough to make me weak in the knees.


And this guy is at the top of the totem pole. That arm of his is just enormous! He is the king of the biceps! It looks like a freaking wall of muscle between him and the camera. All I want to do is just reach out and touch it….