More Muscle Comparisons

Muscle comparisons are one of the most popular types of posts here at I haven’t done any strictly muscle comparison posts in quite a while. It’s time!


I forget where I found this picture, but I love it. Not only is it a comparison of a muscular guy with a regular guy, but the muscular guy is shorter, which is hot button for me. The guy on the left is a half a head shorter than his buddy, but he’s clearly more muscular and stronger. Look at the difference in the sizes of the dumbbells they are holding!


Here are three studly Asians posing at poolside. While he is clearly the smallest of the three, the guy in the middle also clearly has the best body. I think the expressions on their faces tell the tale.


The pose the bodybuilder is striking makes it look like he’s been tied up by these two smaller guys. That makes my mind go wild with ideas. If I had a muscle man tied up and at my mercy, the things I would do!


I think these two are brothers. The older brother has been working out. His fore arms are as big as his little brother’s biceps. Again, the expressions on their faces are telling.


Some beefy twins to make our minds wander. The gal in the back can’t keep her eyes off of them.


Two guys posing in the locker room. I like the look of hopeful expectation on the taller guy’s face. The fellow on the left has a look of knowing confidence.


I am pretty sure this is a morph. But I still like the comparison of their physiques. The man in the middle is the worshipworthy man in charge!

Muscle comparisons are so much fun. Let’s face it, flexing for your friends is a form of showing off that establishes your own Alpha male status. Unless, of course, you are flexing with a bigger friend, in which case it is a form of muscle worship. Posing with a bigger guy only helps to establish HIS Alpha status.