Some Muscle Gifs

I must be getting old. (Shush. Not a word!) But, I was recently surprised to see some muscle sites featuring animated Gifs. That just seemed so 1990’s to me! Yes, I have been around long enough to remember the pre-Google days of the internet. So, although they seem kind of “retro” to me, I find that many of them are quite mesmerizing.




I’m not sure who I’d rather be, the winner, or the loser. I mean the victor is so pumped about his victory. But I keep imagining myself looking up at that dominant muscle showing off his powerful muscles.


Look at the difference in their sizes! That big guy’s wrists are as big as the little guy’s biceps. The big guy is definitely worshipworthy. He has the kind of physique that demands muscle worship.


This one is so subtle, but I can’t get enough of watching his biceps rise and get harder as he flexes. And that cocky smirk on his face is just hot.


Here’s another bit of muscle domination. That is Eliot, Big Connor’s little friend, caught in the big legs of the amazing Robin, who is clearly enjoying demonstrating his muscular superiority.


And let’s end with this example of surprising muscle revealed. I can’t imagine that the skinny guy with the shirt on would reveal that hot, ripped muscular torso. He goes from “zero” to Alpha male just by taking off his shirt to show off his amazing body.