Muscle Comparisons Still Hot

I saw these two pictures recently of a couple of muscle guys showing off and they got my mind racing.


In this picture, I think the little guy is cute and he’s got a pretty nice arm. But his taller friend looks beefier. I’m not sure which one has the better body. It could be the short guy. It could be the tall guy. I find it interesting that the big guy is totally caught up in his own biceps. I would be happy to wrap my hands around either guys biceps. And I think I’d love to see them arm wrestle.


It must have been a hell of a party. Here’s the big guy posing with another smaller guy, both flexing their biceps. In this case, I think the big guy is looking better than the little guy. Again, he’s totally caught up in his own muscle.

Oh, to be young and built!

I’m pretty sure the both guys in the first picture quality as Alpha Males in my book.