Some Muscle Growth

Just because seeing guys go from normal to massive is hawt! Here are a bunch of before and after’s of guys who’ve gotten BIG.


Russian muscle god, Max Troyen, on the left in both pictures, went from twink to stud in a matter of just a few years. His growth is steroid fueled and spectacular.


I don’t know why he was frowning back in January of 2013; I would have killed to have a physique like that. He definitely put on some mass, while maintaining his ripped condition between January 2013 and January 2014. Then he added some more in the next 13 months. Great body.


Tim Gabel used to have a normal body? That is hard to imagine given how amazing his physique is now. Just look at the difference between his 2011 twinky twig arms and his 2013 massive guns! I would have loved to have seen that happening.


Notice that it is the same shirt. What a different fit! The before is a forget-able physique. The after is a head turning physique. Those biceps are freaking enormous. I have to say the shirt fits a whole lot better in the after photo.


Left picture 15 years old. Right picture 16 years old. He looks like he doubled in weight! Honestly, the difference is mind boggling. His After quads are thundering. His calves are massive. His traps and shoulders are just head shakingly thick. I wish we could see his pecs in the after shot! I would have given almost anything to be along for that growth ride!


Not sure who he is, but in 4 short years, he went from adorable twink, to massive muscle man. It looks like his fore arms in 2015 are as big or bigger than his biceps were back in 2011. He didn’t lose his dorky smile when he gained all that thick, dense muscle.

I have a friend who went from scrawny as a wet rat to hulking muscle man over the span of about 10 years. It was a total trip to watch him as he grew bigger year by year, muscles growing, getting harder as they swelled up with power. He went from being smaller than average to muscular worshipworthy hunk. There is nothing quite like seeing your friend get bigger almost every time you see him. (Especially when he enjoys letting you feel his biceps as they get bigger and bigger!) He’s been maintaining his size for a while now. I’d love to have another friend grow through that kind of transformation.