Even More Muscle Comparisons

There is no doubt about it, the muscle comparison posts are the most popular posts here. What is it about muscle comparisons that attract you?

Here is one of my favorite amateur bodybuilders – I don’t think he even competes – flexing his guns next to the much smaller biceps fo an unhappy friend. It looks like his wrist is about the same size as the smaller guy’s biceps. The cocky smirk on the bodybuilder’s face is priceless.



The little guy in the middle said, “hey, lets take a selfie in the mirror!” Then he added the picture to his collection of pictures of himself with more muscular guys. I like big muscles on short guys, so I think the guy on the left is the Alpha Male in this grouping. And the tall guy on the right just looks embarrassed. And the little guy looks so happy.



this picture is awesome. The guy on the left is flexing for all he’s worth. He’d get my attention if he wasn’t standing next to a professional bodybuilder (Jason Huh). The bodybuilder isn’t even flexing and his big biceps is just dominating the picture. The vein down his biceps is probably bigger around than the little guy’s thumb.



These two blondies are probably workout partners. What I like here is that the shorter guy looks like he’s as big as the taller guy. Honestly, his arm looks a little bit bigger. The tall guy is going to be eclipsed pretty soon. Look how the taller guy looks like he’s making an effort to flex. Then see how the shorter guy doesn’t look like he’s making an effort to flex. That explains his big smile.


This picture amuses me. These two guys are meeting for the first time at the gym and the little guy looks like he’s trying to force himself to smile while his jaw is trying to drop at the sight of this tall athletic hunk. The hunk is thinking about how much pleasure he’s going to get tossing the little guy around like a rag doll and using him as a human barbell.



And let’s end by looking at this picture of Lorenzo Becker with an admirer. I believe that Lorenzo is about 5′-7″ tall. His admirer, therefore, looks like he’s about 5′-9″ tall. Lorenzo looks like he outweighs the little guy by 100 pounds or so. Lorenzo’s arms look like they are bigger than the little guys thighs. His biceps are bigger than the little guy’s head! The admirer might have decent arms – see how the sleeve of the shirt is tight around his biceps? But his weak little arms are puny next to Lorenzo’s gargantuan guns.