Random Hotness From The Archives

I’ve been collecting images of muscular guys for a long time. I’ve got pictures on my hard drive and on my removable hard drive. Sometimes I just find pictures I really like. This post is just a random collection of images that I found hot enough to save which I’m thinking are really hot today.

First, a young muscle puppy, looking artistic for the photographer. He’s a handsome young man and he is well on his way to building up a muscular physique. I like his prominent traps and his overall symmetrical development. I also like the way his pendant hangs tantalizingly between his two nicely defined pecs.



Next, is this fine specimen of virile manhood. Those strong arms and that tight torso are a combination that’s hard to beat. The confident expression on his face is that a muscular young Alpha Male gives to a fawning worshipper just before things get started. I imagine that he’ll be bending that iron bar in his hand pretty easily.



Here’s an older picture of a bodybuilder named Daniel Roman. Can you imagine being as young as he is in this picture (18 or 19) and having a worshipworthy physique like that? Oy. What is most impressive is that he doesn’t even appear to be flexing at all. All that muscle!



Finally, here’s a picture that might be Danial Roman (I think it’s him, but I’m not certain). What I like about this picture is the way his amazing arm bulges out in contrast to the snug black t-shirt. I like the way the fabric of the sleeve stretches like a bridge across the gap between the massive triceps and the full and unflexed biceps. Those are the kinds of arms that I guy just wants to feel wrapped around his chest. I also like the expression on his face. He’s in charge.