Getting Big – 2

Here is another installment in my re-occurring series about men growing muscle. The first installment was quite popular. I think you’ll like this one, too. Today we’re going to follow Tommy’s progress.


Tommy was a cute young guy, but his body wasn’t anything to write home about. Not super scrawny, but certainly not a guy we’d look twice at. Well, that wasn’t good enough for Tommy. He hit the gym.


It didn’t take long for Tommy to make some progress. The additional muscle looks good on him. He clearly likes it. Unlike our first subject, Tommy takes to showing off and flexing right away. I like that in a fledgling muscle man. But, as much progress as he’s made, he wants more.


Here he is a few months later, strutting his stuff next to a taller guy. Tommy already knows he’s all that. Smiling broadly flexing next to the taller guy, he knows he’s the Alpha male here. His friend knows it, too. You can see it in the expressions on their faces. How much bigger can our Tommy get?


Well, if you put in the time, you make progress. Wow, has his body transformed! In this picture he’s gain pounds and mounds of muscle. He’s already transformed himself from a cocky, athletic kid, into a thickly muscled young man.


A little while later and he’s flexing again! It just makes my head spin thinking about how skinny he used to be and at this point his arm is just bulging with power.


You know I like a muscular man in a Superman T-shirt, and Tommy definitely knows how to sport the “S”. The picture is a little blurry, but that was probably caused by the photographer trembling at the sight of this truly super young man. His shoulders are like boulders and his biceps are rock hard. He’s getting wide and his back keeps getting more broad.


At last, a double biceps pose! Kripes! His V-taper is amazing. His biceps are beautiful. His youthful grin from the early picture has transformed to a knowing smirk. He’s definitely “large and in charge” now. He knows it, too. I think Tommy jumped immediately from Beta to Alpha in that second photo. A guy who is so comfortable flexing and posing so early, with the progress to warrant the confidence, totally transformed him to worshipworthy at the very earliest stage. But he didn’t rest, he kept training and kept getting bigger. Can’t wait to see how much more muscle he can pack onto his frame.