Mighty Morphing Muscles

Here are some hot muscle morphs and photo manipulations to get the month started right.


Aaron Clark posing at the beach. I’m pretty sure this is a morph. Clark is close to looking this good, but I think his waist is a little thicker.


The fantasy factor with morphs is one of the things I like. Can you imagine having pecs like these? Oy!


And then, sometimes, you really wish the morphs were real. REALLY wish they were real.

In other news: I’m about 75% complete with my next novella.┬áBased on events in my own life, it’s a sexy story about a muscle reversal. I like the way the writing is progressing. It should be completely finish in about two months. I know! I’m a tease. Some of you like that. LOL. I will keep you posted on the progress.