College Muscle Freaks Boxed Set Available Today


My three most recent ebooks,

  • Mr. Biceps
  • Symmetry?
  • Muscle: The Ultimate Aphrodisiac


have been collected into a “boxed set”. This single Kindle volume, the equivalent of over 110 pages in length, is available for only $3.99 which represents a savings of over 30% over buying each of the stories individually.

College is a time of discovery: intellectual, emotional, physical, and sexual. For some of us it is the time when we really first open up to our deepest longings. When we do that, it can be scary, but it can also provide us the release and a sense of freedom about being ourselves that can never be repeated. 

This collection of stories is about young men who learn about who they really are through their own muscular growth, or the muscular growth of other young men around them. Muscle men are nothing, really, without their admirers. Muscle men need their admirers to fuel their passion for increased growth and strength. Muscle admirers need muscle men. Without them, the admirers have nothing to feed their own desires to experience great strength and feel rock hard muscle. 

So settle in and enjoy these tales of muscle growth, admiration and domination. 

Please note that “Symmetry”, while it involves homosexual situations and muscle worship, does not include any sex. “Mr. Biceps” and “Muscle: The Ultimate Aphrodisiac” both include homosexual situations, muscle worship, domination and man on man sex.

All three stories at a significant savings. What a deal!