From Average to Alpha Male

Do you enjoy before and after comparisons of the same guy? I do. I love to see how men can transform themselves fromĀ average Joes into worshipworthy muscle hunks. Let’s take a look at a few transformations.


Here’s a skinny guy with attitude who transformed himself into a cocky muscle man. The attitude and the sneer are the same. Before he built himself up, he was just a skinny little shit with an attitude. After he packed on all that muscle he became a cocky, worshipworthy muscle god.


This is the fitness model, Anthony Antipov. I remember being quite enamored of him in his before state. I liked the lean muscularity of his “muscle twink” incarnation. He was the kind of guy I’d want to take home to play with. Now, what 30 pounds of muscle bigger, he’s the kind of guy I’d want to take me home to have his way with me. What a great physique he has now.


I think this is the most stunning transformation I’ve seen in years. It’s hard to believe that this is the same man. I can’t imagine how much muscle he’s gained to be THAT much bigger. He must have at least doubled his weight, probably more. It boggles my mind.


This young man has made some gains. I have to admit that the before version is somebody who would make me turn my head, maybe even follow around the store to get a good look at him. But the after version is a really stunner. From Muscle Puppy to Muscle Man. Both worshipworthy, but the after is so beautifully big.