Ab-solute Perfection

I’ve been thinking that with all the chatter on this site about biceps and pecs, abs haven’t been getting enough attention. So, here are some pretty great abs.



Oh, my. Look at those abs. Nice big, bulging cobbled abs.with some decent biceps, too. It looks like his friend is more impressed by his abs than he is. I wonder what his friend has cooking for later?



Fire plug muscle abs. I like muscle men with fire plug physiques: short and packed with thick muscle. They never have that wasp waist I like, but with thick everything, who cares? This guy looks like he just wants to crush me in his arms. I’m okay with that.



Roadside abs! And unexpected, too. I mean, who does this? Guys with great abs, that’s who. I’d stop to pick him up.


proud (1)

Buddies with abs! But the guy on the right is definitely the Alpha Male in this pair.



Houseboy abs! Or at least that’s my fantasy. I find a guy like this one to take on household chores and then I pay him by supervising his training until he’s so big and ripped, I can’t control him. Woo Hoo!



My favorite abdominals ever! Seriously. this guy is hotness personified.