Ab-solute Obsession

Abdominal muscles are one of the hardest groups to get right. Not only do you have to have strong, developed muscles, but you need to be lean, lean, lean to show off what you’ve got. Most of us carry our weight around our middles and it is a bitch to get rid of and keep off. These guys have succeeded!


Not a huge muscle man. I’d love it if his biceps were bigger. But he’s got the washboard abs we dream of.



This guy is a little bigger. I can see that his biceps seem to be filling the sleeves of his shirt. But his abs are ripped. Like the Adonis’s Girdle he’s developing (Those are the muscles that bracket the abs and dive into his pants.



This guy is beefier than the first two, and not as lean, but he’s still got cobbled abs and a kind of powerful thickness to his physique.



This guy is a monster. His physique isn’t “pretty”, but strong and powerful. A literal “brick wall” of a man.



Oh, how I love this image. I like to see muscle men admiring their own development. The lighting, I think, is enhancing his physique with deep shadows accentuating his abdominal development.



Well, okay, my admiration for this guy isn’t just about his abs. His pecs are magnificent. But sitting, as they do atop a column of powerful abs, his pecs are made to look even better than they might otherwise.



I know this is a morph. And the guy doesn’t have great abs, just okay abs. But his waist is sooo tiny and his arms are sooo big, I love the look.



And since we’re talking about morphs, here’s a morph that is approaching my ideal. Tiny waist, powerful abs, massive pecs, monstrous guns, tree trunk thighs. Yeah. But it is the strong narrow waist that makes the over developed pecs and arms look that much bigger. It is a principle of bodybuilding that modern bodybuilders have forgotten.