Classic Musclany: Getting Close to Ideal – posted 12/11/06

I am not sure what Ronnie Coleman’s stats are now, but I suspect the last 7 years have resulted in some growth on his part.

I’ve been scouting the net, looking for bodybuilder stats that aren’t already in my data base. In my research I came across the stats for Victor Richards. He is truly a muscle freak in the very best sense of that expression.

At only 5′-10″ tall, he “competes” at 340 pounds! [i have competes in quotes, because for years he refused to compete.] Anyway, that puts him 40 pounds heavier than Ronnie Coleman! Here are his stats:

  • height: 5′-10″ [70 inches] tall
  • weight: 340 pounds
  • chest 68 inches [only 2 inches less than his height!]
  • waist: 34 inches
  • thighs: 37 inches
  • arms: 26 inches [those guns are as big as my thighs, literally]
  • calves: 24 inches.
  • fore arms: 21 inches [bigger than most bodybuilders’ biceps]


The difference between his chest and his waist is 34 inches, meaning his chest is twice his waist dimension. He tops my list of most muscular bodybuilders at 4.86 pounds of weight per inch of height.

The guy is a glorious freak of nature. And he is scarily close to having the kind of stats that I’ve set out as my ideal. My heart goes pitter-pat at the very thought of it.

By the way, I found an incomplete set of stats for Ronnie Coleman:

5′-11″ tall, 300 pounds, 58 inch chest, 34 inch thighs and 24 inch arms. Now he’s a multiple Mr. Olympia. He would look puny next to Victor Richards! Victor outweighs him by 40 pounds. Victor’s chest is 10 inches bigger, his thighs are 3 inches bigger and his biceps are 2 inches bigger…and he’s shorter!

Mind boggling!