Classic Musclany: Fantasies – posted 9/14/06

mightbejamesAnother Classic Musclany post from September 2006. See my note at the end for further developments.

I’m not sure who this monster is, but he resembles an ex of mine in the face. Sadly, my ex never had a bod like this.

But he had started working out really seriously just before we broke up. He hired a personal trainer and made noticeable progress in a fairly short period of time. I know he continued to work out for at least a year or more after we broke up.

Before we broke up, I recall really enjoying his transformation as his muscles firmed up. He started to lean out and then started to get bigger. The whole time he was getting stronger. It was damn hot.

I also recall being told about six months after we broke up by a mutual friend, who was serious about his own training and had pretty high standards, that he had seen my ex and was really impressed by how buff he was getting. Another friend also mentioned that my ex had been hitting the gym pretty hard and making real progress.

Ah! How frustrating! My long held fantasy of the guy I found sexier than any other working out to build up his muscles to get big, buff and strong was actually coming true, only we weren’t together anymore! The tease of the noticeable changes I had experienced only whet my appetite for even greater changes that I could only imagine. How big was he now? How strong was he now?

I haven’t seen him in years. I hear through the grape vine that he’s not working out seriously anymore. It’s a shame. He was hot before he started working out and I can only think that if he’d kept it up, he’d look like this guy. And this guy is amazing. Every time I scan through the muscle pix I’ve saved, my heart skips a beat when I see this one. The lost potential!

I recently saw my ex for the first time in probably 18 years. The years have treated him well and he actually did resume lifting, or perhaps he never did stop. At any rate, the guy is a model of muscular hotness now. At about 5′-8″ tall and around 190 pounds, he has a lean waist, powerful chest and arms that make mine look like twigs. His current boy friend is even bigger!