Tight Shirts

Don’t you love a guy so big he just bursts out of his shirts? I know I do. Here are a few muscle hunks in tight shirts. This guy’s shirt is ridiculously small for his size. I LOVE it. The tiny shirt just accentuates his thick size.   Here’s a […]

Mighty Morphing Muscles

I realized, I haven’t posted any morphs in a while. That is kind of shocking. I love a good morph – it feeds the fantasy! Many thanks to the skilled artists who create these images. You know you want to touch it.   I don’t understand why he looks so […]

A Muscle Memoir Fragment

Here is another fragment from my current work in progress, the memoir of my life in muscle. I am often asked where I get the ideas for my stories. Some of them are pure fiction, fantasies, others are based on events in my life. If you are familiar with my […]

More Marvelous Muscle Comparisons

You all seem to dig the muscle comparison posts. Good thing, too, because I love putting them together. Here are a couple new ones for you. The muscle beast with the pink hair isn’t just a head taller than his friend, he’s significantly more muscular. Look at the beast’s arms […]

Getting Big – 4

This is a new installment in my occassional series of posts about guys who have gotten bigger. Muscle growth is damn sexy. I think this young grower is called Zane. Even if he isn’t, we’ll call him that. He started out as a bit of an exhibitionist. A lean man […]