MuscleFic-Clean-scrubbedWelcome to the new Musclaneous, the online home for the author known as Falseyedee. Bookmark the site. Take your shoes off. Stay a while.

The new site was born out of Google’s decision to censor no longer allow “adult content” blogs on their BlogSpot (.blogger) platform to be “monitized”, essentially saying I couldn’t have links or ads that would take you to adult content, including my own books for sale at such dangerous sites as and

But, to be honest, I was no longer pleased with the old Musclaneous site and was wondering how to shake it up and get it more in line with my current thinking and writing about my muscle obsession. So, perhaps Google’s decision to censor content at BlogSpot was a good thing after all. It forced me to think seriously about what I wanted Musclaneous to be and how it fit in to my “online presence”.

Here’s what I have planned:

This site will be more about muscle fiction: Inspiration, writing and stories. I have already reposted here 10 of what I consider “foundational” posts from the old Musclaneous site. I’ll be building on those with more posts about muscle writing and with some story posts as well.

My FaceBook page will feature the photos and videos of random hot muscle men. I’m sure those photos will creep in here as well, but not as frequently.

I will continue to participate as best I can at, a great forum, if you are unfamiliar with it. The only thing I am undecided about is my Twitter feed. I won’t bother giving you a link. The feed has been moribund for a while and I am not certain how, or if, it fits into my social media life.

That’s the plan. We shall see how it shakes out. Changes are likely and inevitable. Your mileage may vary.