I Love Big Biceps, I Cannot Lie.

And I suspect that you can’t either, given the popularity of the biceps posts here. So here’s a couple a good ones:

Holy pink T-shirts, Batman! This guy is stoked! Check out the size of that monster gun of his, not to mention that burgeoning split between the heads of the muscle. Those biceps are just begging to be worshiped.

A crap photo of a great Alpha Male moment. Graduation! And this guy strikes a pose, flexing his guns. Cocky and hot.

I just love this moment, captured in a mirror. The guy “skinny” guy in the T-shirt flexes his arm for his buddies and the shirtless guy looks stunned, and the little guy in the back looks worried! Too funny for words, their expressions tell the tale of shifting roles. An Alpha Male is born!

And here are two great muscle bods, one on the verge of transitioning from muscle puppy to something better, the other an established and dominant Alpha Male. What I wouldn’t give to get between these two studs. Just look at all that muscle!

I simply can’t get over this guy’s big chest, massive guns and tiny wasp waist! That there is an honest to goodness muscle freak in the making! He’s got overdeveloped biceps and it is totally worship worthy!

Finally, proof that for some men, flexing is not necessary to display their Alpha Male, worshipworthy dominance. This guy’s arms just burst out of that tight shirt, hard and vascular, bulging with power.