Welcome to Members

For those of us who admire male muscle and muscle growth, the forum at has been the “go to” destination for 11 years. Earlier this week the site’s owner announced that he will be closing down the site at the end of this week. If you are/were a member […]


Welcome to the new Musclaneous, the online home for the author known as Falseyedee. Bookmark the site. Take your shoes off. Stay a while. The new site was born out of Google’s decision to censor no longer allow “adult content” blogs on their BlogSpot (.blogger) platform to be “monitized”, essentially […]

Kicking Things Off In Our New Digs

Welcome two my new digs! Pardon the dust as we move in. There will be more content. I will be writing new content and uploading old content over the next week or so. Please bookmark this site! Note it is The old blog,, will no longer be updated. […]