Muscle Hotness

Here’s a little image gallery of muscular hotness. This is what trips my trigger.

Pecs and biceps bursting out of tight shirts
Tiny waists and massive chests in skin tight shirts.
Skinny little guys with better bodies than I expected – especially the guy on the left. That vein down his biceps!
Being outmuscled by a shorter man.
Cocky young muscle studs who’s attitude exceeds their muscle.
Lean, ripped muscles on “skinny guys”.
Guys that G R O W muscles
Buddies who look fucking hot even fully clothed. That chest!
Little biceps
Growing biceps
B I G biceps
Monster biceps
Private posing
Public posing
Posing to impress
Bad muscle morphs that still look great.
Young muscle monsters
Guys who can wear a Superman T-shirt and really pull it off.

All of these guys and situations are super hot. It’s just a smattering of the muscle hotness.