More Marvelous Muscle Comparisons

You all seem to dig the muscle comparison posts. Good thing, too, because I love putting them together. Here are a couple new ones for you.


The muscle beast with the pink hair isn’t just a head taller than his friend, he’s significantly more muscular. Look at the beast’s arms and deltoids! Oh, my. I can over look pink hair on a man with arms like those. He isn’t even flexing and his biceps are hard and vascular.


I think this is an earlier picture of the pink haired beast, this time posing with a taller friend. The taller friend is in better shape than the friend in the previous photo, but, not so much compared to our muscle man. this picture has an even better look at his canon ball deltoids and some hints at some pretty nice pecs, too.

Harun Ylmaz37_zpstpqfmjy3

The guy on the right is puffing up his decent chest and holding his arms out to show off his torso to it’s best advantage. But the guy on the left is such a huge muscle man, there is really no comparison. They kind of look like brothers. I don’t think they are, but if they were, can you imagine having a brother THAT much bigger than you?


I think these two guys are almost equally matched. Same height. Arms look similarly sized. Chests look similarly sized. I think the blonde wins in my book because he is clearly more lean. I’d take either one. But I’d prefer to have them both. So much fun to imagine them working together. I figure it would take both of them to take me. Neither one could dominate me alone, but together, I wouldn’t stand a chance. It would get really fun after that!


And, finally, for today, this two amazing muscle studs. The taller guy is bigger, but I do so like the combination of youth and muscle on the shorter guy. I imagine the taller guy has taken charge of the younger one and is training him to be his muscle toy. Oh, the fun they could have! But, I suspect the younger one has an attitude problem. See how he is the one making eye contact with us? He’s the real Alpha male in this picture. Maybe he’s training the big guy to be HIS muscle toy. Now that’s an thought that gets me excited.