Getting Big – 4

This is a new installment in my occassional series of posts about guys who have gotten bigger. Muscle growth is damn sexy. I think this young grower is called Zane. Even if he isn’t, we’ll call him that.

He started out as a bit of an exhibitionist.

bow tie

A lean man in nothing but a bow tie is a wonderful thing to see. But, as lean as he is, he’s not a muscle man. Not even a muscle pup. Yet.


Still a bit of an exhibitionist, going shirtless. Not bad. Nice abs and it looks like he’s been working his chest, too.

tight shirt

Zane is such a fledgling Alpha Male. With the shirtless pics before, and now this shot in the wonderfully tight shirt, that shows off his growing muscles quite nicely, he is on his way.

enforcer 1

Here is Zane showing a little more skin, and a bit more muscle in his Enforcer shirt. I like his traps and his clavicles in this shirt. The biceps ain’t bad either. But wait…

enforcer 2

Here he is in the same T-shirt, looking quite a bit bigger. The shirt is wrapped nicely around his chest and his arms are honestly big. His taller friend doesn’t compare so well to Zane.

another gym shot

Yes! Zane is now a completely thick muscle man. That shirt looks practically painted on and his traps look so big. I like how he is so much bigger than his buff buddy.

enforcer 3

Finally, here is Zane in his Enforcer T-shirt again, this time looking even bigger. Look how tight it is around his delts, how snug it is around his chest.

I think Zane has grown quite nicely from a cute twink to a handsome muscle hunk.