He’s Got Legs

I saw this photo a while back on a Tumblr and about fell out of my chair.

He's got legs

Holy tree trunks, Bat Man! I can hardly believe that the fabric could stretch around those thundering thighs! When you can see the definition in the thighs THROUGH the DENIM, damnation, that’s hot. You man find this quirk of mine strange, but I really dig that his legs are huge, but the rest of him look, athletic at best. I mean, his fore arms look nice, but his arms aren’t as built as his legs and his chest doesn’t look that impressive either. But, have mercy, those legs just send me to another place altogether.

This is a category of showing off that I really like. It’s also a category of muscular development – when one or two muscle groups are developed more than the others, that i just find sexy. I would love to have those thighs wrapped around my body. Squeeze me!