Misha Gets Big

Remember this guy, I featured in my last post?


Well, here are some more pictures of him as he got bigger. In each picture he’s posing with his friends, doing muscle comparisons. But it quickly becomes clear that he’s the dominant, muscle growth freak. Buckle in! It’s quite a ride!


Here he is between two of his friends. The guy on the left looks as big or bigger than Misha, but it looks like he knows what’s coming. The guy on the left doesn’t look happy at all – he’s already smaller than his buddy.


Here is Misha again (only 6 months or so after the previous picture). This time he’s hanging with some other bodybuilders. But he’s already got a better body than the other two.

13_09_07 (1)

This is Misha about a year later. Look at how much his biceps have grown! He makes the two taller guys look like twigs.


Here he is again. Look at the size of him. I suspect that the guy on the far right is the same guy who was in the center in the previous picture – he’s made some serious gains, too. But Misha is the monster.


And finally, here he is about 6 or 9 months later. He’s clearly the Alpha Male in this group of buff bodies. Even among a group of beefy guys, our Misha is the biggest, most worshipworthy of all!