Limited Time Sale

Sadly, the sale is over. A classic case of “if you snooze, you lose.” But the books are still great! Go for a test read with Symmetry?, and if you like it, just go ahead and get the boxed set for a considerable savings.

For a limited time only, I have reduced the prices on my College Muscle Freaks stories for the Kindle. Each story is on sale for only $0.99, or you can get all three in the “boxed set” for only $1.99. It is such a deal! Grab your copies today, because this sale will not last long.

519SiZ80fgL._AA160_Symmetry? A Muscle Obsession is the first book in the College Muscle Freaks collection.

Jake is a college student who discovers his own obsession with bodybuilding. First with the help of his friend, Steve, then inspired by his own motivations, Jake gets bitten by the Iron Bug and dedicates himself to getting big and strong only to discover that he gets more from bodybuilding than bigger muscles. If you love men with big, muscular chests, or seeing muscles growing in size with strength and power, you’ll enjoy this short story. For a limited time only $0.99.



51yBPCFfGGL._AA160_Mr. Biceps is the second book in the College Muscle Freaks collection.

In this short story two college students come to grips with their sexuality. One does this through building up his body and discovering his inner Alpha Male. The other discovers his sexuality through his close proximity and admiration for the other. For a limited time only $0.99.




51oD9a4SGML._AA160_Muscle: The Ultimate Aphrodisiac is the third book in the College Muscle Freaks collection.

Muscle can be a powerful aphrodisiac for some of us. This short novella (17,500 words) tells the story of two college students who find that as they train and grow together, their feelings for one another change. They train under the direction of a bigger bodybuilder who uses his superior strength to establish his dominance. The training is intense, and the results are terrific. Can they build a relationship together? For a limited time only $0.99.


51SEK+PsbWL._AA160_Save over 30% by buying the entire College Muscle Freaks series as the Boxed Set!

This collection of erotic muscle tales by Falseyedee is the Boxed Set of College Muscle Freaks stories. It includes two short stories, “Mr. Biceps” and “Symmetry?” and a novella, Muscle: The Ultimate Aphrodisiac, that take place on college campuses. Each is a story about young men who are discovering who they are. For a limited time only $1.99.