Dominating with Double Biceps

I have said it before, there is possibly no pose that is a bigger display of dominance than the double biceps pose. An argument can be made for the most muscular-crab pose, but I think the double biceps is the mac daddy of domination poses. Let’s look at a few worshipworthy showoffs.


This guy is flexing in the kitchen, showing off some nice big, athletic biceps. I like the expression on his face and the cock of his head, as if he’s not quite sure his point is getting across. I think he’s still a muscle puppy. But he is on his way to being a dominator.


This guy is feeling more comfortable in his role as a dominant alpha male. His body is a bit better that our first flexer. Also flexing in his kitchen, his arms are big, his lats are spread out like wings and his waist is tiny. He’s even giving us a vacuum pose so accentuate the smallness of his waist. If he didn’t look so terrified, it would be a very convincing display of dominance.


This guy has the attitude that goes along with being a dominant alpha male. The big smile that accompanies his double biceps pose is telling. It tells us that he knows he’s a big bad muscle man. He’s proud of his body and knows he’s bigger than us. I just love the size, shape and definition of his bulging biceps.


Another dominant alpha male flexing for us in the kitchen, this guy is apparently shorter than the camera man, but with seriously big guns. I love that his alpha status is spelled out on his T-shirt. And his forearms look like they are almost as big as his biceps. Is he a modern Pop-eye? Could be.


I think this is a young Lorenzo Becker, back when he was about 15 or 16. The man was already a demi-god of muscle. I like the way he’s not even looking at use. Oh, no. He’s admiring his biceps, too!


And here is the ultimate in dominant alpha male posing. Flexing a gorgeous double biceps pose, with an easy smile on his face while a weaker man hangs off one of his arms. He’s a strong muscle man and is more than happy to show off his muscles and his strength! That’s what being Alpha is all about.