Bicep Selfies

Technology is grand. There is a certain synergy that comes when you mix a camera and a mirror with a flexing Alpha Male, who is just showing off for himself. The result is usually a Biceps Selfie. Here’s a small collection for your delectation.

This amazing stud reminds me of my buddy, the one who went from a 135 pound twink, and through hard work in the gym transformed himself into a 250 pound muscle beast. This guy resembles my buddy about 50 pounds ago. Great arm. Beautiful chest. Love this guy.



Here’s an elevator selfie taken by Danial Roman. The contrast between the youth of his face and the incredible muscular maturity of his physique is mind boggling. Those arms look like they could pick me up and toss me around with ease. I see a freaking muscle stud. I wonder what he sees?



This amazing young man doesn’t even have to flex to get my attention. He’s clearly put a lot of effort into building up his arms. I like that big bicep with the prominent vein running down from the delts to his fore arms. Crush me, buddy!



Here’s a muscular “lumbersexual”, as they are calling the bearded hipsters with muscle. He’s got some serious biceps there. He might not even need an axe to split wood.



Not a massive man, but I really think this ripped up twink is hot. I bet he is much stronger than most people expect. I remember when my buddy, mentioned above, was built like this: 145 pounds of granite hard rippling muscle. He didn’t look like much with a shirt on, but when he flexed his biceps would ball up into a shredded peak that would make your eyes go wide with wonder.



This blonde bombshell gives us a two-fer: relaxed and flexed. Love the guns in a tight shirt. His arms look big just hanging at his sides, then he raises up one arm and, BAM! Biceps that are just screaming to be licked.