Is This Muscle Worship?

Do you ever find yourself in the midst of some activity with a more muscular, worshipworthy friend and ask yourself, “is this muscle worship”?

Fear not! I am here to help answer your question. Here are a few typical situations that the less muscular may find themselves in with a more muscular Alpha Male. Let’s see if they are muscle worship.



Muscular guy’s abs exposed; smaller guy’s tongue out.

Yeah, this is muscle worship.



Muscular guy’s biceps flexed: smaller embraces bigger guy.

Yeah, that’s muscle worship.



Muscle man lifts smaller guy; smaller guy grins merrily.

Yeah, that’s muscle worship.


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Muscle guy flexes; weaker guy stares at flexed muscle with desire in his eyes.

Yeah, that’s muscle worship.



Muscle man flexes; smaller guy kisses the biceps and strokes bulging pecs.

Oh, yeah. That’s muscle worship.