Welcome to MuscleGrowth.org Members

For those of us who admire male muscle and muscle growth, the forum at MuscleGrowth.org has been the “go to” destination for 11 years. Earlier this week the site’s owner announced that he will be closing down the site at the end of this week.

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My avatar. Image copyright Xavier Wolf. Used by permission.

If you are/were a member of the MuscleGrowth.org community and have just stumbled upon my site as a result of it’s closing, welcome!

MuscleGrowth.org was a terrific community. The site’s owner, Flexodus, worked hard to build and maintain a positive environment where those of us interested in muscle men, muscle growth, and other things muscley were made to feel welcome. It was the place where what skills I have as a writer of muscle fiction developed. I cherished the support and criticism from the readers there. I made many friends among the authors and readers there.

While no one site will ever be able to replace what was built at MuscleGrowth.org, I hope that you will like what you find here and will come back regularly.

I currently have comments disabled on most posts and pages because of the unrelenting torrent of SPAM which, even with comments disabled, is difficult to manage. I may, however, change that so that we can communicate more easily. If and when I do that, I’ll let you know.

In the mean time, feel free to browse through the posts and pages. I hope you will enjoy what you see here and make it a point to bookmark the site and come back again.