Muscle Comparisons!

Muscle comparisons are very popular at this site. My traffic tabulator thingy tells me so. So, give the people what they want: A bevy of muscle comparison pictures for your delectation!

These comparison pictures are demonstrations of several of my favorite themes:

  • Muscle Comparisons
  • Showing off / Alpha Male
  • Domination
  • Establishing who is Worshipworthy

In fact, these kinds of pictures are an acceptable public form of muscle worship. The smaller guys posing in poor comparison to bigger guys if not in public, at least in front of a camera man and camera, documenting their inferiority is a kind of muscle worship.

Let’s look!



Even with the distortion in this photo, it’s hot. The guys on the outside are brawny and happy to show it off; the guy in the middle is scrawny and happy to be sandwiched between all that meat.



Two guys flexing for the camera. There’s really no comparison here. The guy on the left is beefier and the smaller guy seems to be getting a real kick out of his inferiority. It’s like he can’t believe how much smaller his arm is and he finds it kind of exciting.



Taller skinnier guy on the right makes a good attempt, but shorter more muscular guy on the left has him beat. I’ve asked this before, but why do skinny guys want to pose flexing next to bigger guys? I think they really enjoy being dominated by bigger muscle.



I can’t tell what the guy in the middle looks like with that shirt on, but the guys on either side of him are ripped to shreds for them that like their muscle small but razor sharp. Those fabulous abs are just begging for a bit of pummeling, no?



Is it just me, or does it look like the guy on the right could crush his buddy without much effort? Could be the smaller guy might be looking forward to that, with that grin on his face. “Yeah, man, shove that big gun right in my face!”



These two look like brothers, possibly twins. Holy biceps, Batman, what a difference! I bet the seated brother always gets his way. He would with me.