More Bulging Biceps

Biceps! Biceps! Biceps!


Tiny waist, manly chest, bulging guns, and stunning good looks; this guy has it all going on. I like the wrist straps, too. I wonder if I could use those straps to restrain this muscular man and do unspeakable things to him. Very worshipworthy.



This guy’s biceps are about as big as I’ve ever seen. His guns look bigger than my thighs. Biceps as big as his head! The guy is a total Alpha Male, posing in the hallway of the hotel. Look at the expression on the face of the man behind him.



Who could possibly follow that last guy? Well, this guy. No where near as big. But what he lacks in size, he more than makes up for in total Alpha toughness. This is my dominator, you know?



Another man with biceps as big as his head. Not too many men can do this pose justice. Lee Priest comes to mind. This is the test of big biceps.



Okay, he’s not big. They are nice biceps, though. And isn’t there something really hot about a guy kissing his own biceps? That self worship is really hot. It’s cocky. It makes me want to kiss those guns of his.



And then there is this guy. A beautiful pose that shows off his physique nicely. And, damn, his biceps are huge. Not super cut, obviously off season, but strong and well shaped, begging to be worshiped.

I’d love to feel any of these guys wrap his muscular arms around me and squeeze me in a monster bear hug, crushing me against his chest while my legs dangle helplessly inches off the floor.