Comparing Muscles.

It is fun to see guys comparing muscles, especially when one of them is bigger than the other.

Like these guys:

Damn, he's big.

Damn, he’s big.

The guy on the right has a decent enough body, certainly nothing to be ashamed of. But the guy on the left is a hot muscle stud. The guy on the right looks kind of stunned at how big the guy on the left is. He’s probably thinking all kinds of things, like just don’t make me flex next to this monster.

But, guess what? They did!

Okay, I'll flex my arms for just a second. The guy is huge.

Okay, I’ll flex my arms for just a second. The guy is huge.

So they get him to flex his arm next to the guy on the left’s arm. And there is no comparison. The smaller guy’s arm is more than decent. But in comparison to the muscle stud’s arms which are bulging with muscle and nicely defined, he looks puny. Is it my imagination,or are the big guy’s fore arms the size of the skinny guy’s biceps? The skinny guy is probably thinking at this point, just don’t make me take my shirt off.

Guess what? They did!

At least I have decent abs!

At least I have decent abs!

The skinny guy has decent abs, and cleverly shows them off, because his physique can’t hold a candle to the other guy’s chest, shoulders, or arms.

This is such a fun comparison. You can read the emotions of the skinnier guy all the way through. Having to pose for pictures next to the bodybuilder is humiliating for the smaller guy. The bodybuilder is able to assert is muscular dominance just buy standing there. That’s hot.