Classic Musclany: Color Muscle Art by MMMB – published 1/26/12

This is the second in my series featuring the incredible muscle art of Mmmb.  Last time I featured some of his black and white images.  Today we’ll be checking out some of his color work.

This first drawing is called “Armed and Ready”.  And isn’t that the truth?!  This guy’s arms are supremely worship worthy.  But what about those pecs?  Oh, my goodness, I love the way his chest is drawn just stretching that tank top to the limit.  Just imagine what comes next?  Does he do a most muscular pose?  Does he lift up those arms into a dominating double biceps pose?  Or does he wrap those arms around you and squeeze?

The second drawing is called “Big Enough For Ya?”  And I’m not sure what the title refers to.  Is the subject asking if his muscles are big enough for you? Or are you asking if the shirt is big enough for him?  Well, the answer to the first question would be, YES!  The answer to the second question would be, NO.  Mmmb has really captured the stretching and folds of fabric over muscle very well.   And I love those biceps!

The third drawing is called “The Bully”.  I know that bullying is bad.  When that kind of attention is inflicted on people who don’t appreciate it, it is bad.  But, if you enjoy a little big of domination by a much more muscular guy?  It isn’t bullying then, it’s exquisite!  I’ve posted this image before in a post about shifting roles from worshipped to worshipper.  I really like this image.  The muscle man is in complete control.  He isn’t working hard.  The little guy is completely dominated with just one arm.  Not only is he pinned in place, but the muscle man is using just his thumb to focus the little guy’s gaze on the huge flexing biceps.  I love the little guy’s eyes popped wide and the way his hand is grasping at his dominator’s cobbled abs.  I won’t mind being either subject of this drawing.

The fourth drawing is called, prosaically, “Chris”.  Whoever Chris is, damn, I want to know him, though I wouldn’t want to run into him in a dark alley.  He looks tough, sinister, scary and seriously sexy.  Love the lighting, the thick neck, the definition in the pecs and the fore arms and the tiny, tiny waist.  He could be my superhero!

The final drawing is called “Midnight Snack”.  It takes a lot of food to feed all that muscle.  I imagine this guy is actually just getting home from a grueling training session and he needs calories so that his muscles will grow even bigger.  He has all of the typical characteristics of Mmmb’s muscle men.  I like the quite tone to the moment captured, and the way his relaxed pecs sag just a little along with the incredible size and definition of his fore arms.

I hope you’re enjoying these drawings by Mmmb.  The next post will feature a few more of his works.  Again, if you know where I can find more of his muscle images, either drawings or photo manipulations, let me know!