Did You Ever Suffer Writer’s Block?

Oy. I worked so hard to get this new site up and running. It gave me such a feeling of accomplishment when I got it up and launched and could see that people were visiting.

Then I got walloped with a horrific case of writer’s block. I’d sit down to write and nothing came. It was like whatever I had in me had dried up and gone away.

Well, I’ve been writing long enough to know that this is an inevitable part of writing. I’ve had writer’s block in the past. Usually, all I needed to do was give myself a break from writing and enjoy looking at pictures on the internet, maybe get together with my buddy, and generally let my mind rest and soak up some inspiration.

This time that hasn’t worked. It truly sucks to have the urge, the need, to write and be unable to put together a coherent sentence, let alone piece together a decent story. ARGH!

But the worst thing you can do, I think, is to try and force it, so for the time being, I am tending to my muse and hoping that he starts flexing for me. In the mean time, I am enjoying the pictures and videos folks post on the internet. And I’m planning on getting together soon with my buddy now that he’s back from Burning Man.

Right now, my current favorite web muscle man is this hot Brazilian:

I love, Love, LOVE his pecs and arms. Such a hotty. 5′-9″, 210 pounds of full, round, firm muscle. He says his chest measures 51 inches and that his arms measure 18 inches. I could watch him flex and pop his pecs, showing off all day long. Not saying that I have, ahem, but I could. I like that his pecs have some definition between his upper pecs and lower pecs when he flexes. This guy is completely worshipworthy.