Classic Musclany: Ideal Body – posted 7/6/06

This post was written almost 7 years ago. I have edited it to reflect my current thoughts. I am unlikely to start working out again in the near future. But it is fun to fantasize about!

Once, a long time ago, I trained as a bodybuilder. In my very best shape ever, I had a reasonably muscular physique.

I’m 5′-9″ tall. In my best shape ever,

  • I was 176 pounds,
  • with a 33″ waist.
  • a 44″ chest
  • with 16″ arms
  • and 25″ quads
  • at about 8% bodyfat.


At my biggest and fittest,

  • I was 205 pounds,
  • with a 34″ waist,
  • a 47″ chest
  • with 17-1/2″ arms
  • and 26″ quads
  • at about 12% bodyfat.


Most guys would be satisfied with either of those builds. I never was. I wanted to achieve the “three L’s: large, lean and limber”. I was never large enough or lean enough. And we won’t talk about the limber.

I like a physique with exaggerated proportions. i think for most people into bodybuilding, that’s true. bodybuilding is all about exaggerating the body’s muscle size. but what i mean, is extreme exaggeration.

The body i was shooting for, the body i really wanted would have been more like this:

  • 225 pounds
  • 32″ waist,
  • 50″ chest
  • 19″ arms
  • 27″ thighs
  • at around 10% bodyfat.


Never got there.

When I dream about the body I want, this is it:

Same height, 5′-9″ is good.

  • weight? I don’t know. whatever it takes to achieve this:
  • 26″ waist,
  • 50″ chest
  • 28″ thighs
  • 20″ arms
  • at around 6% bodyfat.


That’s impossible.

Now, years later, with my body limited by injuries and having not worked out in years, we won’t talk about my current condition. I find myself thinking about getting back into the gym and working out again. Other than losing the weight I’ve gained and generally getting closer to “fit”, I fantasize about training to exaggerate one or more muscle group.

A couple years ago I went back to the gym with the same idea and i tried to focus my training on my arms. I wanted big ass biceps. I wanted biceps that would be “too big” for my body. That didn’t last too long. turns out I have tendon issues in my left fore arm and the arm training only made it worse. That was so discouraging, I stopped going to the gym.

If I were to return to the gym, in addition to dropping some pounds, I would train some muscle group to exaggeration. Which one?

Let’s consider the alternatives:

  • arms: given the ongoing tendon issues, no can do.
  • chest: not possible. I’d love massive muscle pecs protruding from my chest like a shelf. I do have old injuries to both shoulders, however, that would limit my chest work.
  • shoulders: unlikely. The shoulder injuries just won’t allow it.
  • abs: possible. I’d love a cobbled, washboard stomach, but is that exaggerated? And lets face it, they aren’t great “show” muscles.
  • back: possible. a dramatic “V-taper” would rock. But again, not a great “show” muscles.
  • quads: possible. I just think tom platz or paul demayo. I’d love great tree trunk thighs. but I have bone spurs in both knees. That could limit my training.
  • calves: possible. I used to fantasize about having calves so big that they’d press against one another when I put my feet together. Not a great “show” muscle, but imagine the gasps and stares when I wore shorts.


There is also the possibility of training to create the illusion of exaggeration. Bodybuilding is all about minimizing your short comings and maximizing your positives. For instance, if I worked my chest and my abs, presumably my shrinking waist and growing pecs would make my pecs look even bigger. Similarly with quads and abs.

At the moment I would work both my chest and my abs for that reason. But if my old shoulder injuries start acting up, I would focus all my attention on my calves.

I really don’t know.